What do we offer?

Pointe Technologies, Inc has been doing business in Atlanta since 1990. We specialize in custom software development. We have completed projects for organizations like BellSouth and the United Nations. We have a proven track record of on time, on budget delivery of high quality system.

As a company involved in the successful completion of many previous development projects, we have the experience to help you understand the requirements for systems needed to operate your business. Help us to understand your user's roles and responsibilities, your organization's structure and your requirements and we can build a system that meets your business's changing and expanding needs.

Based on your desired project commencement and the proposed project size and duration, Pointe will assist you in determining your delivery date. We will work with you to develop a schedule that meets your needs.

The project will be staffed entirely with employees of Pointe Technologies. We take pride in the high caliber, extensive experience, and training of our employees. Team members have extensive experience in software development for various platforms.

Software development follows an established lifecycle. The phases are designed to find needs and issues as early as possible in the project to avoid wasted effort and unnecessary expense.