Systems Design

Systems Design answers the question "How will the system be developed?"

Major Activities

Design is the process of determining the optimum means of meeting the requirements specified in the Analysis Document. Any problems or concerns addressed prior to the completion of this phase represent changes only to written documents. Once the System Development phase begins, problems or concerns may represent changes to existing software and are likely, therefore, to be considerably more time consuming and more expensive to address.

Modeling and diagramming techniques are used to abstract and define the system to be developed. Common diagram formats are Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, and State Transition Diagrams. In some projects, a prototype is helpful to define how the screens will appear and flow. Other activities in this phase include:

  • Selection of development tools and database systems;
  • Design of the database structure;
  • Design of the user interface;
  • Design of reports and other output.

Major Milestones

The major milestones of the Design phase are:

  • Start;
  • Delivery of Draft Design Document;
  • Delivery of the Prototype;
  • Acceptance of Design Document; and
  • Acceptance of the Prototype.

The deliverable of the Design Phase is the Design Document. Additionally, a prototype of the system may be produced in this phase.